Dear Brian,

I cannot than you enough for all the help you provided me- not even knowing who I was- prior to closing on our home. There are no words to express the ease of which you made me feel including your advise, help and support. Overall, your calmness and demeanor are what placed me at ease. I do not know how I can repay you, but you always have an open door for anything dermatological I can do or help you or your family with, at anytime. I cannot say I am thrilled with my end result, but it is my nature to be skeptical on all big and small decisions- I always second guess, not in my work, but in my life. My husband is very easy going and happy go lucky which probably worsens my anxiety, and lack of trust in others. I thank God Larry Morgan mentioned you and gave me your number 🙂 I owe him a note as well. Lastly, I know we briefly discussed your work as a contractor and I cannot move into that home until a few things are done. I do not know if you would want to take a look, or you may not do that sort of thing, especially so small based. But I was going to call you and even if you did not, maybe you could offer some recommendations.

Thank you again,



Hope you had a fun, if wet, Mardi Gras. Thanks again,

Alison & Skip


Everything was done beautifully and professionally. You have wonderful and polite young men working for you.

Thank you,

Betty E.

Dear Mr. Mills, 

Thank you for your kindness and most of all, speedy service. 

Sara M. 

Thank you, 

Andrew and Bobby came to the rescue thanks to Joel Lunstrum. 

Angele L.