“I Can’t See the Forest for the Trees”

We’ve all heard that expression at some point in our lives. It can be so relevant when approaching a new customer about a new build, a renovation or even in discussing a space that simply just doesn’t function as it should.

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize what a space can and will actually look like from a sketched floor plan. It’s difficult to conceptualize what a it might look like when we talk about reconfiguring a room or taking down a wall. Before the sheetrock is in and you’re standing between the framed out studs, can you actually picture the finished look?

Of course some people are able to see through the forest. And that collaboration with that client is an exciting process for us. But for those who may feel like a deer in headlights, we have the ideas and expertise, whether it’s a renovation, a new or design build, to help engage you in the process and allow you to imagine the finished product every step of the way.