RL Mills has completed a number of historical renovations in the New Orleans area and is dedicated to bringing you quality workmanship and upgrades. We restore the beauty and architectural appeal of buildings in New Orleans, staying true to the historical accuracy and uniqueness of your home. We know how to bring that special blend of historic and modern to your house and do our best to salvage, replace and restore historic materials and original features of the building.

Our work on historic buildings encompasses:

  • Preservation

    We can protect and stabilize existing materials of a structure while leaving as much of the original material in place.

  • Restoration

    We can restore your historical house to its once former glory. We can restore it's architectural design and preserve the heritage value of your home while keeping it functional.

  • Rehabilitation

    By salvaging as much original material as possible, we can adapt your historical home for contemporary use while maintaining the architectural integrity.

  • Reconstruction

    When the integrity of the house cannot be preserved, we can rebuild with all new materials while replicating the specific historical appearance.