When it comes to choosing a New Orleans electrician, RL Mills stands out above all the rest. We founded our business in 1967 on our electrical work and have been providing exceptional service ever since. Over the years we’ve done a considerable amount of commercial electrical work that has included bars, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. The electrical component of project can often be the most complex aspect of a project and electrical efficiency and quality of installation can mean all the difference in day to day operation of your business. Trust your electrical work to none other than the best and have RL Mills handle your electrical build and services.

Our commercial electric services teams have worked on jobs including retail, offices, medical, hospitality, food service and light industrial facilities. 

A few of the commercial electrical services we offer include:

  • Code Updates & Correction

    In the electrical business, code updates and corrections are constantly being made to improve the safety of millions of individuals across the United States. RL Mills is here to make sure you're safe.

  • Computer Circuitry

    It is important that a business keeps their electronics running during all business hours. However, this can also lead to power outages. We can make sure your business is set up for success.

  • Circuit Installation and Upgrades

    As your business grows, the more your electrical needs will grow. Make sure your business has the capacity to support all of your office electricity needs.

  • Shock & Fire Prevention

    We take your family’s safety very serious, and we want to make sure that your business is protected from electrical hazards so you can focus on running your day to day operations.

  • Surge Protection

    Surges can cause serious damage to a companies electrical system. Make sure you have the proper equipment in place to keep your business safe.

  • Wiring Upgrades

    A wiring upgrade can be messy and expensive, but there are times when it’s necessary to protect the safety of your business. We will make sure your wiring will last for years to come.

  • Electrical System Upgrades

    We take your staff and customers safety very serious, and we want to make sure that your business is protected from electrical hazards so you can focus on running your day to day operations.

  • Electrical Safety Inspections

    Each inspection provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, systems, and components of small appliances meet legal safety standards.

  • Service and Maintenance

    It is important to keep your electrical equipment up to speed. RL Mills can perform regular inspections to make sure your business is up to speed.

  • Recessed Lighting

    Update your business's lighting to create a fresh and elegant ambiance.

  • Custom Lighting

    Having the right light for your business is very important. Not only will your customers feel comfortable where they are, but lighting can also positively affect employee productivity.

  • Ballast and Bulb Replacements

    Do you have the right lighting solution in your business? Your commercial lighting can account for close to 35% of your business's energy usage.

  • Landscape Lighting

    Light your business up and make your customers feel comfortable. You can dramatically improve the look and feel of your business.

  • Security Lighting

    Great lighting will help deter crime away from your business. It will also help make your customers and employees feel safe when on your property.