Make R.L. Mills your choice for custom lighting design and quality installation. Lighting plays a big part in the utility, function, and feeling of a space, in addition to making a space feel larger. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your lighting needs, and help you to create the appropriate ambiance in whatever space you choose.

Automated Lighting

Lighting automation creates automated changes in the lighting level of the room. This is a great feature that can help emphasize architecture, create different moods, illuminate specific features and contributes to the over all atmosphere of your home. We bring automation into your home with features like dimming technology, led lighting, system controls and a user interface that can be controlled from one central area in your home, or even from your computer or smart device!

Outdoor Lighting

Make your outdoor and green spaces come alive with modern landscape and stylish outdoor lighting. Balanced and well designed landscape lighting can give your home exceptional appeal, greater utility and aesthetic function. RLMills offers complete outdoor lighting and design solutions for your outdoor space.

Benefits of outdoor lighting in your home:

  • Ambiance

    We consider all of the elements of your home and outdoor space when designing a lighting layout. We make sure that all outdoor lighting works together to complement the space and create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Entertaining

    Transform your porch, patio, pool or backyard into ideal party platforms with lighting.  The right outdoor lighting can transform a simple outdoor space into the perfect setting for parties and entertaining and ties in your outdoor space with the rest of your home.

  • Safety

    Not just aesthetically pleasing, outdoor lighting can make your home a safer one. Accenting hazards like stairs and pathways can help you and others safely navigate your property.

  • Security

    Placing lighting in darkly lit areas of your property will make it safer by giving you the visibility to see what’s going on around your home and give you peace of mind. Additionally, having a well lit lighting design around your home has been shown to significantly deter criminal activity.

  • Value

    By improving the appearance of your home and adding the safety and security features of lighting, you’ll be adding long term value to your property and helping it to stand out among the rest.