RL Mills was founded in 1967 on our electrical expertise and as such we have done extensive electrical work on residential homes. Our residential teams bring function, form & style through innovation and design. Not only do we make sure that all of your electrical work in your home is safe, functional and up to code, but we can help bring out the beauty and personality of your home through stylish lighting and custom fixtures. We can also help you make your electrical output more energy efficient and find you ways to preserve energy and cut costs. Before starting any home electrical renovation project or home renovation project, call RL Mills.

A few residential electrical services we offer include:

  • Home Lighting Design

    Allows our experts to give your home the perfect ambience. We will help you visualize and execute a custom lighting plan to give you the most comfort.

  • Electrical Safety Inspection

    Each inspection provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, systems, and components of small appliances meet legal safety standards.

  • Electrical Upgrades

    We take your family’s safety very serious, and we want to make sure that your home is protected from electrical hazards so you can focus on running your day to day operations.

  • Bulb, Ballast and Circuit Breaker Replacement

    Do you have the right lighting solution in your home? Make sure you aren't throwing away precious dollars by wasting energy with improper equipment.

  • Fan Installation

    Sometimes installing fans are a lot harder than it looks. Have a highly trained professional take care of this service for you.

  • Track and Accent Lighting

    Highlight the architecture of your home by giving the perfect track or accent lighting. Our experts will guide you through how to give your home the proper lighting angles.

  • Wireless Lighting

    Wireless lighting is a great new solution to providing your home energy efficiency. You will be saving money by using less electricity for your home.

  • Child-proof Outlets

    Thousands of kids go to the emergency room every year due to electrical shocks from tampering with plug outlets. Allow us to properly secure your outlets so you can keep your children safe.

  • Shock Prevention

    To help keep your family safe from electrical hazards, increase your electrical safety awareness. Our experts will install the proper safety products to keep anyone from being shocked in your home.

  • Surge Protection

    A bad lightning storm can whipe out the electronics in your house if you don't have the proper surge protection. We will make sure your home will be protected from any power surges.

  • Recessed Lighting

    Provide your home with an inexpensive solution that will create a fresh and elegant ambiance.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting and Electrical

    The kitchen and bathroom are an important part of any home. The presentation and lighting are an essential to the value of a home's resale value. Allow our experts to guide you in boosting how your kitchen or bathroom is viewed.

  • Smoke Detectors

    Required by law, smoke detectors are one of the important safety features for every home. Keep your family safe with a quality smoke detector installed by an expert.

  • Wiring Upgrades

    A wiring upgrade can be messy and expensive, but there are times when it’s necessary to protect the safety of your home. We will make sure your wiring will last for years to come.

  • Lighting Controls

    As technology is advancing, so is the way we can control the lighting in our households. Speak with one of our experts about your options for how you control your lighting.

  • Energy Saving Solutions

    We can help save you money by controlling the electricity used by the appliances in your home. We can also provide the proper light bulbs and control the flow of energy throughout your household.

  • Service and Maintenance

    We offer service plans to ensure that all of your home electrical needs are always met.